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Acid Reflux Expert

William Lagadyn

Acupuncture Expert

Peter Games

Alternative Medicine Expert

Charles Silverman

Dr. Howard Sadowsky

Arthritis Expert

Margie Garrison "The Arthritis Lady"

Back Pain Expert

Jesse Cannone

Blood Pressure Expert

Frank Mangano

Prostate Cancer Expert

David Wynn

Dance & Movement Therapist

Dzagble Cudjoe

Feng Shui Expert

James Allen

Fitness Expert

Tom Venuto

Heart Health Expert

Emilia Klapp

Headache Expert

Doug Fogel "The Tension Headaches Guy"

Holistic Health Expert

Pamela Heyen

Ingredient Safety

Dr. Christine H. Farlow, D.C.

Nutrition Expert

Aura Lynn Kregloh

Resilience Expert

Michael Licenblat

Self-Esteem Expert

Dr. Joe Rubino

Weight Loss Expert

Troy Garrett

Matthew Constas, PhD

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Acid Reflux


Alternative Medicine


Back Pain

Blood Pressure

Cancer / Prostrate

Dance & Movement Therapist

Feng Shui


Heart Health


Holistic Health

Ingredient Safety




Weight Loss

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