Feng Shui Expert - James Allen
Specializing in Feng Shui advice and consultations, James Allen is a Feng Shui practitioner who supports his clients through guidance from his heart and higher power. His passion for helping others led him to study at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and The Academy of Power Feng Shui in Santa Fe. Believing strongly in the importance of being surrounded by a supportive environment, James has helped his clients change their lives through making adjustments in their homes and offices.

When you understand that your home is your sanctuary, you open up to a new support system that balances personal passions with stability and serenity"

While James engagingly harmonizes Feng Shui advice and principles with practical application, his clients enjoy a new, uplifted environment that supports their creativity, good health and an abundant lifestyle.

James Allen has lectured extensively and given workshops on Feng Shui. His clients include chiropractors, doctors, therapists, retail and business professionals and homeowners. He has performed over 75+ private business and in-home consultations over the past 7 years. He is available to support others who realize the value of the life-changing effects of Feng Shui.

James has a natural talent for working with many types of people, and his life experiences assist him in relating to many backgrounds. While he spends his time now working with Feng Shui, in the past, he has enjoyed motorcycles, cooking and bull riding. James has been a Truth Seeker for over 20 years and enjoys helping others change their lives through creating supportive environments.

Feng Shui Study and Certifications:

  • Essential Feng Shui, The Western School of Feng Shui, Terah Kathryn Collins, San Diego, California
  • Power Feng Shui, The Academy of Power Feng Shui, Valmai Howe Elkins, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Currently living in Boulder, Colorado, James and Candace are enjoying a change of pace from living in the South. Boulder is a beautiful small city nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothills, just 35 miles from Denver.

You can visit James Allen's website at:

Feng Shui Telephone and On-Site Consultations, Lectures, and Workshops

Feng Shui for the Holidays - Attracting New Year's Blessings and Good Fortune

Everyone is busy during the Holiday season, and yet it is a time filled with opportunities for introspection and renewal.  As we attend parties with business associates, spend extra time with family and friends, we seem to be more aware of our life circumstances than during any other time of the year.  Using Feng Shui principles, we can consciously assess where we have been during the past year and apply some inexpensive, easy changes to set the tone for a prosperous new year. 

Most people don't realize that their surroundings reveal much about who they are.  A good Feng Shui consultant can determine your life's focus and priorities though examination of your personal environment.  Yet, we have to ability to change our lives through our thoughts, words and actions.  A subtle, but powerful way to keep our thoughts at the highest level is to ensure that our physical experience is both stimulating and nurturing.   Take time this year, as you conduct your personal life review, to set up your home or office to be supportive of your new goals.    

In Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is a tool used for assessing your life.  It looks like either a 9-square tic-tac-toe board (The Magic Square) or an octagon (8-sided rounded figure) labeled with the important Life Areas.  You should be able to find a Bagua picture easily in a basic Feng Shui book, or review The Feng Shui Bagua Map The important point is to look into each part of your life to learn not only where you are, but to set up intentions, focusing on your dreams. 

You can begin by looking at the Career or Life Journey area of the Bagua as it applies to your home, property, office or even a room, take a look at: The Feng Shui Bagua Map.

To symbolically represent your career intentions for the New Year, place objects in your environment that will be supportive of your professional goals.  For example, if you want to support your current work or to make a career change, add items to the Career section of your home that reflect your desires.  Remove anything from your surroundings that might subconsciously keep you from moving ahead or staying stuck in the past. 

The Knowledge area is concerned with insight, and self-cultivation.  The Family area focuses on your relationships with your friends and relatives.  In business, it includes your work group.   In the Wealth area of your home, place items that demonstrate your commitment to not only financial gain but to abundance in all aspects of your life.   The Fame area represents the importance of your reputation.  Enhance what you want to be known for here with reminders of your achievements and aspirations.  The Marriage/Partnership area can be enhanced with symbols of two in order to emphasize the need for good relationships.  A pair of anything meaningful to you will work, e.g. two candles, photos of two, etc.

The Children/Creativity area focuses on children as well as our own playful, creative side.  In the Helpful People area, set up physical reminders of those who help your in life.   The Feng Shui Octagon puts Health in the center to draw attention to the importance of knowing that your health affects all parts of your life.                        

So, start with a clean slate by removing clutter and negativity that keeps you tied to the past.  Retain or add only those items that support your highest goals.    May Good Fortune and Blessings find you in the Holidays and coming New Year!

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Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the Importance of  Creating  Space for New Beginnings

Create a void for attracting new opportunities for success by clearing old, stagnant energy stuck in your surroundings.

While you're putting away the tree trimmings, take the time to let go of the Old and ring in the New with the help of good Feng Shui advice.......
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.  It deals with energy flow and dates back a few thousand years to a time when the Chinese were concerned with placing their homes in a protected position against nature's vagaries.  Feng Shui means "Wind and Water".   Both wind and water in large amounts can be very damaging so the ancient Chinese learned that building a home high on a hilltop left it vulnerable to strong currents.  Placing the home in a valley where there was a water source such as a river caused concern for flooding safety.   The "just right" position was determined to be at the base of the mountain, protected from the wind and yet far enough from the water to be safe.  This configuration was known as the "belly of the dragon", but any comfortable, safe site was said to have good Chi, the vital life force energy that flows through the Universe.

When your home or office is cluttered, the Chi is restricted and can't flow freely throughout the area.  Since energy flows in a circular spiraling motion, it tends to slow down and get stuck in corners.  It doesn't move easily around too much furniture in a small space, and it stagnates where it finds accumulated dirt, cobwebs, discarded items, junk and disorganization of any kind.  In fact, clutter attracts more clutter, resulting in piles of rubble that really keep us stuck in old energy.  The word clutter comes from a former English term, meaning to coagulate or clot. 

Since physical clutter contributes to how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to our environment, I tell my clients to clean up and organize before attempting to enhance their surroundings with Feng Shui applications.  I have been into homes where I was not welcome to check the garage, basement or home office so my consultation included a discussion of the negative impact of clutter on the occupants.  Clutter usually accumulates over time, and without realizing it, people become accustomed to living with low-level vibrations emanating from piles of old papers, boxes, trash and unused items.

Energetically, everything emits vibrations that "talk" to us.  Steeped in low energy levels, we can become irritable, inefficient, lazy and even depressed.  Candace used to keep piles of newspapers and magazines on the night stand by the bed in hopes that she would have time to read them before going to sleep.  When she wanted to settle in for the night, the collection would start telling her that she was behind in her reading.  (She had a similar set that she carried around in a briefcase.)   I'm happy to report that after the pile was cleaned out and the few remaining items were organized into a drawer, she was able to go to bed without guilt!

It takes dedication and time to clear clutter.  I tell my clients that it is a continuous process.  I advise them to investigate simple organizing systems that help them sort, file and store needed items.  The de-cluttering test is easy:  Ask yourself, "Do I need it?  Do I use it?  Do I love it?"  Everything else is thrown out or given away.  Negative or unused objects have to be eliminated in order to lighten your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual load. 

Good Feng Shui begins with clearing clutter and encouraging good Chi flow.  Once good habits are established, our clean and organized spaces can free us to focus on the more important aspects of our lives - whatever that means to us personally.
Love & Peace,

James Allen

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Specializing in Feng Shui advice and consultations, James Allen is a Feng Shui practitioner who supports his clients through guidance from his heart and higher power. His passion for helping others led him to study at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and The Academy of Power Feng Shui in Santa Fe. Believing strongly in the importance of being surrounded by a supportive environment, James has helped his clients change their lives through making adjustments in their homes and offices.
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