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Hi, that’s me, Aura Lynn Kregloh and my two year old daughter Eva, I am the founder of Healthy Living Tip and publisher of “Live Younger, Healthier and Happier”.

I used to be an attorney until I became a mom. And as a mom I decided I needed to provide my family a better and healthier lifestyle.

I had always been a health advocate but now living healthy is a priority in my life. I’m always reading and researching all I can on healthy living, particularly healthy eating and nutrition, and then implementing it in my household as well as sharing it with others willing to take my advice.

This is why I decided to create a website dedicated to sharing with others my knowledge on healthy living and eating.

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What's Wrong With What You Eat?

In recent years more people have come to realize the importance of healthy eating and selecting the foods that will most benefit their health. This interest in healthy eating and the subsequent learning of the life giving values of food is great as it marks a great advance in human welfare. Below you will find 8 healthy eating tips you should know about.

1. Eat all your foods as close to their natural state as possible. Most people over cook their food, specially their vegetables. For example, most people peel their potatoes before they cook them. Potatoes in particular should never be peeled for the most valuable elements lie directly under or in the skin.

2. Get your vitamins and minerals naturally, not from "enriched" products.  Nature has provided an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals in foods in their raw state. If you have not destroyed them by peeling or over cooking, you will receive an adequate supply so long as you eat a rational diet. The so called enriched foods have already been devitalized. The mere addition of a chemical equivalent of the necessary vitamins and minerals does not compensate for the loss of natural food elements.

3. Use fruits and vegetables immediately after cutting. The Vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables is lost at an extremely fast rate once the vegetables fibers have been cut or bruised.

4. Don't throw away the water used for cooking your vegetables.  Drink it, or save it for tomorrow's soup. Such water is rich in the vitamins extracted from the vegetables during the cooking process.

5. Don't skip meals to reduce.  Your body requires regular and frequent supplies of energy. In reducing your weight, it is not how much or how often you eat that counts, but what foods you choose and how well you chew them.

6. Eat a good breakfast. Coming as it does at the start of a new day and after fourteen or more hours without nutrition, breakfast is a means of replenishing your energy and strength. It will help carry you through some of the busiest and most demanding hours of your day. If you want to reduce, choose a salad instead of a heavy meal at lunch time, but only after eating a nourishing, balanced breakfast.

7. Eat some organic food every day. Include at least one food that is organically grown in your daily diet. It would be ideal if all the fruits and vegetables we consumed were organically grown. The next best thing is to include at least one food that has been organically grown. They will provide the final link with natural nutrition which each of us must maintain.

8. Cook vegetables quickly and in very little water.  The value of food, which is created in the growing process, is easily destroyed in the process of cooking. All foods should be cooked far less than is the habit in most homes today. Very often the water in which they are cooked is more valuable to your health than the vegetables themselves.

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Can You Pass This Health Test?

1.  If you cut a cantaloupe in two and eat one half and the other half you store it back in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days, when you go back to eat it will it have the same amount of Vitamin C as the first half you ate?

(a) Yes or (b) No. 

2.  Is cooking in aluminum pots healthy?

(a) Yes or (b) No.

3.  Should the sun be avoided at all costs?
(a) Yes or (b) No.

4.  Which of these types of milk is healthier?

(a) raw milk, (b) hot milk, (c) pasteurized whole milk, (d) fat free milk.

5.  If you're going to use sugar, which one of these should you use?

(a) powdered sugar, (b) white sugar, (c) raw sugar, (d) refined brown sugar.


1. If you cut a cantaloupe in two and eat one half and the other half you store it back in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days, when you go back to eat it will it have the same amount of Vitamin C as the first half you ate? - NO!!!

The Vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables is lost at an extremely fast rate once the vegetable fibers have been cut or bruised. It is destroyed by the oxygen it comes in contact with as well as with the heat if it is cooked, the cold if it is frozen for more than 2 months and even the water depletes the Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables because it is a water soluble vitamin. 

In order to preserve the Vitamin C content of your fruits and vegetables you should eat them as soon as you cut them. If the weather is too hot store them in the refrigerator until ready to eat. If you are preparing a dish try to do it right before serving and cut the fruits into larger pieces, which will preserve more of the vitamin. If you are cooking vegetables high in Vitamin C, like broccoli or green peppers, the best way to preserve the Vitamin C is to steam them or cook them in as little water as possible and for the shortest time. Also, cast iron pans destroy Vitamin C.   

2.  Is cooking in aluminum pots healthy? - No

Aluminum has by products that are extremely dangerous. One of these is alum which acts as an irritant, particularly on the stomach. This in turn causes disturbances of the digestion and eliminative functions of the body. Aluminum acetate, another by product, is a standard embalming fluid, and yet, aluminum acetate is precisely what is manufactured when vinegar is placed in an aluminum pot. The combination of aluminum acetate and aluminum chloride, which is easily formed by adding salt to the vinegar in an aluminum utensil, is a deadly disinfectant.

When we cook in aluminum pots, a considerable amount of this metal enters directly into our blood stream and is carried to all the organs of our body. The poisonous effects pile up day after day as we eat more and more food prepared this way. While each day's amount may be small, the total can be extremely dangerous to our health, progressively affecting our reproductive system, nervous system, blood stream and heart. So, never cook in aluminum pots!

3.  Should the sun be avoided at all costs? - No

The sun is a wonderful source of energy and health, although could be a dangerous and harmful force when not dealt with intelligently. Over exposure to the sun can lead to painful, even fatal burns, skin cracks, bleeding, headaches, dizziness, and nervous disorders.

Here are some tips to help you gain all the positive benefits the sun has to offer:

  • Man was not meant to lie directly under the rays of the sun. Not merely because such direct exposure can be harmful, but also because the healing qualities of the sun can best be found when combined with the plant life around us. Try to take your sunlight through the trees or cover yourself with moistened leaves.

  • Don't bath immediately before sunning or you wont be able to absorb adequately the Vitamin D, since the skin oils are what helps you derive this vitamin from the sun.

  • No more than half an hour of sunlight at any one time is capable of being absorbed and used by the body.

  • A suntan is actually nature’s safety device, which filters the harmful rays of too much sun. This does not mean to avoid the sun entirely. To gain the power of the sun, you must feel its warmth.

4. Which of these types of milk is healthier? - Raw Milk

The process of pasteurizing milk not only kills disease germs, but it also destroys the bacteria which sour milk, just as Pasteur originally destroyed the microbes which turned wine to vinegar. Thus, pasteurizing milk helps maintain it fresh for more days, that is actually its main benefit. Pasteurization would not confuse most people as to its value if it had a more obvious name like "boiling." Most people know what boiling does to food values. Vitamins are devitalized or totally destroyed by boiling. In particular, vitamin C is sensitive to heat and much of this vitamin is lost through pasteurization. In addition to its lower vitamin content, cooked milk is far less easy to digest than raw milk. For this reason many doctors prescribe raw milk for sensitive stomachs.

5.  If you're going to use sugar, which one of these should you use? - Raw Sugar

Natural or raw sugar, as opposed to the common white stuff used everywhere, is a good food. Sucked directly from the cane, it is a delightful food and you are missing something if you have never tasted sugar cane. The raw sugar extracted from the cane is a brown, pebbly substance that contains many natural minerals of value to the body. White sugar, granulated, powdered or even the refined brown sugar, which is not to be confused with the raw product, has no value to the human body other than the calories with which it supplies us. Since all foods that are high in caloric content and low in other nutrients, minerals and vitamins, are almost useless to us, it would be best to eliminate processed sugar from the diet altogether. Also, honey and molasses are also fine substitutes for refined sugar.

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