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His natural healing methods were first discovered over 20 years ago, and since that time he has helped 1000's of people completely solve their digestive problems.

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"How To Choose A Good Doctor"

What if your town only had two doctors? How would you identify the better one? Do you think that just because the doctor has a wall full of certificates that he would be the better doctor?

The certificates so proudly displayed on the wall are not going to tell you if he or she is responsible and conscientious. The white coat and the stethoscope draped around the doctors neck doesn't mean that he knows everything about your healthcare or your particular problem.

Doctors are only human...they are not Gods and they don't try and pretend that they are.

A good doctor is good because they genuinely care about you and your health.

"Good Doctors Don't Overdoctor"

A good doctor just doesn't spend 5 minutes with you and then reach for the prescription pad, and then send you on your way. A good doctor won't give you pharmaceutical drug samples without explaining the possible side effects and the proper dosage recommended.

The doctor should spend enough time with you, and listen carefully about your concerns. Hopefully he will be able to make the proper diagnoses after listening to you, and then prescribe the proper treatment for you.

A good doctor doesn't order a battery of tests when one or two would tell him what he wants to know.

Critics of the medical profession point out that ordering a battery of tests can be quite profitable for the doctor, but a good doctor cares about YOU not your wallet.

"Good Doctors Care"

Good doctors will follow up on their prescribed treatment and work hard at helping you solve your problems.
Does your doctor talk to you about your lifestyle and how your choice of foods can adversely effect your health?
Does your doctor tell you about white sugar, white flour, alcohol, tobacco products that can have a devastating effect on your health.

If you go to the doctor with complaints about your arthritis, does your doctor put you on medication or does he explain that some of the foods you are consuming are causing inflammation and joint problems.

Observe the little things he or she does...not the big doctor-speak words that they throw out at you.

"Does Your Doctor Value Your Time"

Does your doctor leave you in the waiting room for an hour and then only spend 5 minutes with you?
Perhaps he has overbooked and that's why you have to waste your time, waiting with all the other folks in the "WAITING ROOM".

Overbooking might be great for your doctor's income but it sure won't improve your health or make you any happier while you wait!

A good doctor will have you in the examination room close to the time you have booked and will give you his undivided attention and take the time necessary to formulate accurate diagnoses.

Then he or she will explain in layman's terms what he believes the problem is and the steps necessary to correct it.

"Good Doctors Care About Your Diet"

Does your doctor ever ask you about your diet? Does your doctor ever ask you about any vitamins and supplements that you are taking?

The trouble with our health care system is doctors don't receive enough nutritional training in med school so they lack the knowledge and the direct effect of your diet on your health.

In a recent study most of the doctors interviewed said they had no idea whether their patients used vitamins or supplements, and felt it wasn't their responsibility to ask.

"Nutrition is such a major factor in a patients health that it cannot be overestimated," says Arthur C. Hochberg PhD. It is absolutely essential that each doctor see the connection between nutrition and health.

"Good Doctors Listen"

A good doctor will listen to your concerns and not interrupt you or cut the conversation short when you are explaining your problems to him.

By listening to you he is giving you his undivided attention, so be polite and stick to the facts when you are explaining your problems. If you don't waste the doctor's time talking about trivial matters your visit will be more productive.
Uncovering the root cause of your illness means the doctor has to listen...and listen what the patient has to say. A good doctor will listen.

"Great Doctors Are Honest"

If they can't diagnose your problem they will send you off to see a specialist. They don't pretend to know everything there is to know about health care. They know their limitations.

A good doctor doesn't hold back any of the facts regarding your problems. The good doctor will fully explain the steps you need to take so you can recover your health.

In closing, try to remember that your doctor has spent several years studying the art of medicine so he could help people. Treat your doctor with a little respect and you will be amazed just how friendly and helpful he is.

A good doctor is hard to find so when you locate one...try and be a good patient, and you'll both be happier.

Stay well

William Lagadyn

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H1N1 flu, swine flu, pig flu, or whatever the health community is labeling this recent virus, is not something you want to take lightly.

Six weeks ago both my wife and I became infected with what I now call "the evil virus" and at first we thought it was just a seasonal flu bug so we would let it run its natural course.

You know the normal symptoms... fever, chills, coughing, sniffles and no energy. But after a week we started to feel worse.

First came the hacking cough, coupled with sinus drainage which made our throats very sore causing swallowing difficulties.

I suspect the sinus drainage was a contributing factor to the throat inflammation, but sipping non-acidic juices helped soothe our throats and made swallowing food a little easier.

Week 2

We started experiencing headaches, and sore muscles along with the sinus drainage and constant coughing which
was getting worse. Add in several nights with not much sleep and you can imagine how fatigued we were.

Week 3

Our symptoms were worsening. We were feeling very rundown and exhausted, we had never-ending sinus drainage so bad now you needed to blow your nose every 5 or ten minutes, and chills one minute and sweating the next,breathing difficulties, and phlegm which required hacking and coughing to expel.

Week 4

Most of our symptoms were getting a little worse and some more frequent. Being in a warm bed at night slowed down the sinus drainage but the phlegm buildup was getting very bad. Phlegm so thick it would cause you to wake up several times at night gasping for air.

It's pretty scary when you can't breathe and have no idea what's happening to your body. Most phlegm you can cough-up and easily spit it out. This phlegm was very sticky and was extremely hard to clear and spit out.

Week 5

We started to fight the virus back because it was getting worse and we couldn't take it anymore. My wife is 57 and I am 66 and a virus can often cause other health problems which we didn't want. Especially the side effect called death.

Kill The Virus Before it Kills Us

We never take any OTC meds or prescription drugs but instead rely on the same natural remedies that have been used all over the world for many generations to kill viruses and solve other health problems.

The first thing we did in our fight against "the evil virus" was to take some "Oil of Oregano." Oil of Oregano is a very powerful antiviral which is natural and will help build up your immune system so you can fight this virus.

This virus has the potential to cause wide spread sickness and many deaths according to some medical establishment.

We knew using antibiotics will not cure a viral infection and infections related to the respiratory system are viral, so we needed to attack with natural antiviral products

Knowing that raw garlic is antiviral we went on attack. Garlic has been used for 100's of years to treat many health disorders and has no side effects. Well, besides chasing away your mate or vampires.

What We Did

All we did was chop up 8 fresh garlic cloves a day and each of us ate four before retiring for the evening.

The garlic was cut up into tiny little pieces so you didn't have to chew it. Using a teaspoon we put a small amount of garlic pieces in our mouths and had a little water to wash the garlic down.

It proved quite easy to do, and almost eliminated the breath odor by doing it this way.

Three Days

Was all it took to completely destroy the virus and take our former good health back. All symptoms completely disappeared and have not returned.

We can not say enough about this natural way we used to destroy this viral infection by using raw garlic. It quite possibly saved our lives.

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