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Howard Sadowsky, ND, PhD,is an active Naturopathic Wellness Physician in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  He also holds a Doctorate in the Chinese Classics of Internal Medicine. He is a Founder of the American Academy of Acupuncture Medicine (né: NAAAMAR), a Founder of the International Neijing Society and is active as a speaker, tutor, and author of Integrative Therapy Manuals, Medical Texts, NewAge Books, journal articles, health articles.

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STOP SMOKING: The Surefire, Easy Way
STOP SMOKING: The Surefire, Easy Way
By Dr. Howard Sadowsky

It's been said "You're not a smoker til you've quit a hundred times." Quitting 'cold turkey' is not easy and if you're addicted to nicotine, virtually impossible! You should not feel ashamed if you didn't quit after trying, either. Quitting smoking stresses the body & places big changes upon daily life. Persons who are older or ill and smoke require a lot more energy to stop smoking than the average person. 'Ice Creamers' (1-10 cigarettes/day) or 'Intermediate' smokers (11-20 cigarettes/day) have greatly multiplied chances for heart disease, cancers and pneumonias. Even 1-2 smokes occasionally increases morbidity & mortality! And anyone exposed to 'second-hand' smoke faces the same dangers! So we should all beat the drums to STOP SMOKING!

There are some people who are fortunate & can stop without any help, but not most. Nicotine for some is more than just a habit; it is an addiction: help to quit is needed. There are many treatment methods available to quit smoking. Most are expensive, like the 'patches' worn on the arm for several months to be effective. Most doctors are trained to prescribe medications for quitting smoking; some insurance plans will cover acupuncture when taken with a doctor's prescription.

The easiest & inexpensive way that works with just one visit: acupuncture! I know, needles scare almost everyone (people think they'll be a 'pin cushion'). NOT SO! This method uses only ONE needle upon each wrist & you're done!). The needles only pierce the skin and are not deep. NO pain and NO bleeding, either. There's an 82% chance of quitting smoking with only one 20-minute visit! (most doctors offer a repeat session free if it's needed, a rarity). Average doctor's fee for this service: $125-250. Some insurance plans will cover the treatment when prescribed by a doctor.


  1. It's important that the smoker wants to quit, not because the family or the kids want you to quit.
  2. It's very helpful if you can refrain from smoking 4 hours before treatment. Your chance for success really goes up!
  3. No extra drugs or medicines are needed. We have found that a mixture of liquorice & calamus root (health store items) is very beneficial (if it tastes strong it's a signal the urge to smoke will go away).
  4. YOU ARE NOW AN EX-SMOKER! If you should feel the urge to smoke, call and get that free treatment BEFORE smoking. DO NOT 'test' by trying a smoke... you'll be hooked all over again.

Further assistance in use of this method to quit smoking is available to all professionals, including patient handouts. Physicians & Licensed Acupuncturists should learn this easy technique now!

Stopping smoking is paramount to good health! Some may call it SPAM, but no matter...

STOP SMOKING NOW... anyway you can!

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