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Feet Remedies
Toe Fungus Remedies

Here are a few my daughter came across while searching the internet to find a natural way to help me heal my toe fungus.  My big toe has been plaguing me for a several years. I have tried several products with no results.

The Epsom Salt Soaks is the first one I tried and the only thing that has helped.  I saw results within the first week and it continues to improve each day.  My toe looks healthy, the nail is growing back clear and strong.

Epsom Salt Soaks
Author Unknown

Soaking the affected foot in Epsom salt mixed with hot water will help wash away fungus and improve circulation to the nail bed. However Epsom salt is not an antifungal treatment so while this may provide temporary relief it is not a cure, but more of one weapon in the arsenal.

At least once or twice a day, preferably three times a day, soak your affected toes in a shallow pan or container with very hot water and a palm full of Epsom salt (a few tablespoons of Epsom salt). I used very hot water (boiled water cooled enough to tolerate soaking) for my treatment. I am not sure if room temperature water is also effective, but at present I suspect very hot water works better. I boiled water and added it to a shallow pan and as soon as it was comfortable to soak my toes, I poured the Epsom salt over my toes and nails.  I soaked my toes for at least 15 to 20 minutes while watching TV or reading a book. If the water was initially too hot, I would just dip my toes in it to get them wet, poured Epsom salt directly on the nails and waited a little till the water was hot but not overly hot to be painful. As your toes are soaking in the water, you can add more Epsom salt directly over the toenails to have a higher concentration of the magnesium sulfate right on top of the toenails. Let the nails be fully surrounded and covered with the Epsom salt. It really doesn't matter as much how much of the Epsom salt is in the rest of the pan. What matters is that there is a good amount of Epsom salt directly over and surrounding the toenails.

Here's a great idea that works even better. If you happen to spend a lot of time by your computer or desk, keep your toes in a thick soup of Epsom salt as long as you wish, the longer the better, even if it is several hours a day. This will speed your healing. It is a good idea to trim your nails very close to the skin, and file your nails as much as you can before soaking. In this case of extended soaking, you may not need to heat the water.

You can soak your toes in a shallow pan with about half an inch of water. One option is to put a folded towel under the pan so that the water is deeper on the toe end rather than the sole end. Add the Epsom salt directly on the toes that are immersed on the deeper end of the pan so that your toenails are completely drowned and surrounded by the Epsom salt-soaked water. This is worth repeating since it is the most crucial part of the treatment.

I am not sure if soaking the feet in Epsom salt more than twice a day will heal the toe nail fungus sooner, but if you are motivated to do so, and have the time, go ahead and do it three or more times a day. If you have the time and the motivation, perhaps four times a day could help you get rid of the nail fungus infection even quicker (or, you have the option as listed above of soaking your toes for several hours at a time while you are working at your computer). One option is to soak in the morning before putting your shoes on for work, then soaking again at lunch or mid afternoon, and again before going to bed. The idea is to not let too much time pass between soaking to prevent the fungus from growing.

In order for this natural toe nail fungus treatment to be effective, you have to keep your feet out of shoes and socks as much as possible. Wear sandals as much as possible. The more time your feet spend in socks or shoes, the more difficult it will be for you to get rid of the toe nail fungal infection.

If you have to wear shoes, for instance at work, at least take them off during lunch, soak your feet in the Epsom salt, and wear new socks and a different pair of shoes the rest of the afternoon and take your shoes off as soon as you get home. Even better, put your shoes on at the last minute. For instance, if you drive to work, wear sandals until you reach the parking lot, and then put them on. After work, remove your shoes when you get to your car. People working out of home are fortunate since they can have bare feet all day.

Sleep at night with your feet outside of the blanket. If you feet get cold, wear socks with the tips cut off so that at least your toes are open to the air. If your feet are inside the blanket, the fungi will like the warmth.

Basically, the idea is to kill the fungus in the nails. Fungi love heat, moistness, and humidity. The cooler and drier you keep your toes and feet, the quicker they will heal. Magnesium sulfate acts as a powerful drying agent. Perhaps it also directly kills the fungi, but I don't know for sure. You will notice that treatment with Epsom salt will make your feet dry.

Distilled Vinegar
Author Unknown

Distilled vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid. This chemical will naturally attack the fungal infection. If you take a q-tip or similar applicator and soak it in the vinegar for a few seconds and apply it to the affected toenail. It will take several applications to get adequate coverage and it will need to be repeated frequently. Try doing this twice a day - once in the morning and once at night.

Oregano and Olive Oil
Author Unknown

Oregano mixed with olive oil to make a paste for the toenail is a treatment that addresses the basic problems of toenail fungus. It seeps in under the remaining nail and the oregano has natural antibacterial and anti parasitical properties. The oil helps distribute the oregano throughout the nail and nail bed.

Thyme Oil
Author Unknown

Thyme Oil is extracted from a powerful antifungal plant. Applying few drops of thyme oil on the affected area twice a day will work wonders against the infection. One needs to ensure that they cover the toenail with a cotton sock after applying the oil.

Coconut Oil
Author Unknown

The coconut oil is the common household item irrespective of any country. Many success stories about the usage of coconut oil that are going round in the internet and magazines, that it gives amazing results in curing the toenail fungus. All one has to do is just apply the coconut oil over the affected toenail.

The toe area must be massaged after applying the coconut oil. This will enable the oil to reach the parts under the toenail. The toenail fungus problem will be cured completely after few months of regular use. The coconut oil is available everywhere and the cost of the same is also cheap. The application is so simple that the person will have no problem. The coconut oil can also be rubbed around the unaffected toenails in order to prevent the toenail fungus.

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