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10 All-Natural Steps to Achieving Your Health Goals

Step 1 - Take Stock of Your Health

The first step is to take stock of your health as it is today. 

I want you to make two lists. 

  1. Your health as it truly is today. 
  2. Exactly how you want it to be 6 months from now.

This is not a test.  You do not have to show it to anyone.  You could send it to me and I will make suggestions as to how you can make the changes but it is for you.  You created who you are today.  And you can change who you want to be the rest of your life.

You might also make a list of your immediate ancestors' health to make a comparison.  So you will make three lists.

You cannot make changes if you do not recognize what you have to change.  And take responsibility for that change.

Step 2 - Digestive System

Did you know that 60 to 70% if hospitalizations are directly tied to your digestive system?

By the age of 58 almost 1/3rd of Americans has lost the ability to produce any hydrochloric acid.

I have found that almost 100% of those who come to me and beg me to get rid of their arthritis are really malnourished.  Even people who are 50 pounds or more overweight are malnourished.

Surgery for removal of your gall bladder is the second most popular operation in hospitals today.

How many people do you know who have ulcer and indigestion problems and probably taking drugs for them?  Do not call them medications. They are DRUGS….

As you grow older and continue to eat the "All American Diet" that is killing us, you have made your digestive system less and less able to do the job that God meant it to do.  Right?

The answer is very cost effective and seldom used.  Change your way of eating.  I repeat, Change your way of eating.

Most people eat junk.  Stop that.  This is what you must cut out of your diet.  All sugar, all flour, all dairy, except for real cream, eggs and real butter.  All decaffeinated products.  All products that say they are hydrogenated.  All products that say Lite or sugar free.

These are slowing killing you and robbing you of your God given right to have your health in good running condition.

You cannot continue what you are doing and expect different results?  You are fooling yourself. 

Give up all the antacids.  Drink a full glass of water if you have digestive problems and see the difference that makes.

Step 3 - Water

How many times have you been told your body is between 50 and 70% water. You know you must have 8 glasses a day to keep the toxic waste out of your body.  Are you doing it?

Most people do not drink enough water.  So do you want to be lazy or do you want to be healthy?

It is easy to drink.  Eight glasses a day. Make sure you are drinking good water.  If your water system has approval of the EPA this is what they allow in your water.  Lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles and a long list of other poisons. 

Even the EPA has a monitoring list of no more than 100 chemicals allowed in your water.  That simply means they allow at least 100 chemicals into our water supply.  And you drink it.

Your body tries to detoxify you.  Your body gradually deposits lead in your system into your bones.  As we get older this can cause problems especially in women as they age.

Our government allows fluoride to be added to our water system.  They started this in the early 20's due to an acclimation of fluoride materials they had and had to get rid of it and decided to add it to our water.  Cancers started to rise by 5% where it is used.  It was very profitable to sell this fluoride to our cites.

They keep telling you that fluoride helps prevent cavities but research has shown this is false.  If it were true there would be no cavities in the U.S. since our water is loaded with it.

Check out different methods of getting better drinking water.

By the way, be careful of those long, hot showers.  When water is heated that hot and creates steam all the chemicals come into the air.  You are standing in a closed area breathing in all those chemicals.

You can get a filter for the shower at most hardware stores.

Step 4 - Exercise

I know what you are thinking.  But do you want to be healthy or not.  Pick an exercise you like.  Whether it is walking, swimming, biking or whatever you enjoy.

30 minutes of continual exercise with raise your heart level and if done a minimum of 3 times weekly will keep you fit.  More is fine but it must be enjoyable or you will quit.

When I lived on the top floor of a tall building it was just too much to get ready and go out so I measured off what was a mile in my home and walked around and around.  It is about 15 minutes. 

You do not need to wear fancy clothes.  Just keep moving for 30 minutes.

Do deep breathing exercises.  Stand or sit tall.  Inhale at the count of 7… hold it and for the count of 17… now exhale at the count of 7

Do this at least 10 times a day.  You will be amazed at the difference in how your day goes and how you sleep better.

Try to get it up to inhaling to the count of 11... holding it for the count of 21 and exhaling at the count of 11.  It will take some time to do this because most of us take very shallow breaths.

Step 5 - Our Colon Condition

If you have a healthy colon you have over 380 different species of micro-organisms living there.  That is about 2 lbs of your body weight.   Good bacteria does several things.

  • A slightly acidic environment inhibits the grown of undesirable bacteria like salmonella, shigella, and E coli.  These bacteria also produce a volatile fatty acid which, along with the acids, make it difficult for fungus and yeast, like candida to survive.
  • Normalize your bowel movements.  Good bacteria helps this.
  • Improve the ability of your immune system.
  • Aid in the formation of certain vitamins like vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting and formation of new bone.
  • Aids in the production of lactase.
  • Deactivates various cancer-causing compounds either produced by other organisms or from foods.
  • Instrumental in regulating cholesterol levels.
  • Helps regulate hormone levels.
  • Eliminates gas problems and sweetens the breath.

Step 6 - Supplements

There comes a time in each of our lives we must decide to fortify our diets with vitamin supplements. 

The average person on the street thinks it's normal to suffer from things like constipation, headaches, indigestion, obesity, fatigue, lack of concentration and arthritis.  Among over a 100 degenerative disease that doctors say cannot be cured.

You have heard about the septic tank company's article on what is usually in the septic tanks.

They find complete vitamin capsules there.  They just went into the people and straight out through the bowels and never even let anything into the body.  A total waste of time and money and these people of course thought they were doing the right thing.

Don't waste your time and your money and more importantly, your health.

Consider using liquid supplements.

Step 7 - The Importance of Vitamin C

You need vitamin C to help you protect water-soluble molecules.  You also need vitamin. E

You need to understand the word antioxidants.

The word oxidation describes the process in which something chemically combines with oxygen...  All the energy in our bodies is produced through the oxidation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  Antioxidants are substances which either slow or completely stop this process.  The body needs antioxidants to manage and fine tune the rate of oxidation.

Without antioxidants your entire body might simple burn up.  With them the oxidation of our food can be regulated so that the amount of energy being released will correspond to our current needs.

Linus Pauling recommends the least expensive source of Vitamin C is plain old ascorbic acid.  It is cheapest when bought in bulk powdered form.  You can get ascorbic acid crystals for as little as $20.00 a pound. Each teaspoon provides 4,000 mg of vitamin C. 

The only trouble is that it is an acid.  Of course you can use that to your advantage if you have constipation problems.  The acidity will often stimulate a bowel movement within minutes.

Vitamin C has repeatedly shown the ability to strengthen the immune system.  It is nontoxic and when bought in bulk very cheap.

Vitamin C constitutes another one of those health insurance bargains!

Step 8 - Processed foods

For a quick lesson on why processed and cooked foods are bad for you.

There was an experiment with cats.  They used two groups.  One group got only cooked foods nothing else.  The other got fresh uncooked foods.

The first group died very young the second had long cat lives.

Processed foods are depleted of enzymes.   It also strips the food of unsaturated fatty acids.

Food processing companies do not like unsaturated fatty acids. They shorten the products shelf life.

Oils are foods.  It is fatty acids that your body uses to create cell walls, hormones and energy. You need two types.  Linoleic Acid and linolenic acid.

Without them you get degenerative diseases.

Food processors have developed techniques to chemically modify the fats in food to make them more stable. This trend turns out to be another one of your greatest health threats.

After WWII large commercial processors developed two extraction methods that have changed very little in the last 60 years.

One is using solvent to get rid of the fats in food.  They add a solvent such as hexame.  Then they are heated as high as 150 degrees.  They reuse this solvent over and over.

Then the oil is degummed. (That is the right word) They remove the proteins, carbohydrates, many trace minerals and lecithin.  They then sell this lecithin to health food stores at a big profit.

Then sodium hydroxide is added.  This removes the fatty acids like LA and LNA.  This sodium hydroxides real name is "Drano".  It is done under heat at 175 degrees. Then to give it a clear, transparent color they bleach it.

It goes on and on. You end up with a clear and tasteless oil.

Process foods are dead foods.  When I went to the Pauling Manor, now retired, the first thing they made us do is write on a card…if a food can spoil eat it…if it cannot spoil do not eat it.

So if 75% of your diet is raw.  You will be amazed at the difference in your life.

Unrefined oils like fish oil, evening primrose oil and flax oil can work miracles with so many health problems.

Get rid of oleo and shortening.  Use cold pressed olive oil.  Stop buying prepared foods.  People eating instant oatmeal might as well through it down the drain for all the good it does you.  If you like oatmeal and it is good for you get rolled oats.  It looks like flakes.  Heat up water, add the oatmeal and stir.  Add real butter and real cream and some raw honey and it is fit for a king or queen.

Stay away from canned foods.

Step 9 - Artherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease

This disease is killing over 1 MILLION people a year that we know of.  The most bizarre aspect of all these deaths is that we not only know what causes arteriosclerosis, we know how to prevent it!

Sadly, orthodox medical continues to ignore the evidence and still blames cholesterol as the culprit for this disease. It is not.

The full discussion is too long and hard to understand.

It is lecithin.

Found in egg yolk.  They are an excellent food source for lecithin.  But due to the programmed scaring by the drug industry that cholesterol can only be managed with a drug and that eggs are bad for you.

If you totally eliminated all cholesterol from your diet, your body would compensate by slightly increasing production as it needed additional amounts...

On the other hand, increasing cholesterol in your diet would cause liver production to cut back until it was unable to maintain minimal influence on blood cholesterol levels.

It has been shown time and time again that dietary cholesterol has only minimal influence on blood cholesterol levels.  "Effect of Dietary cholesterol on Triglycerides in Human Subjects" Fed. Proc. Abstr. 2193, 1 March 1978.

Your body needs cholesterol to create cell membranes.  Every cell needs a constant supply.

This is just another reason why you want to get all your vitamins and minerals and enzymes in one place and at a minimum outlay of money.

Step 10 - Look At Your Whole Body, Mind and Soul

Stop looking at just your ailments and how to cure them.  Look at your whole body, mind and soul.

Old time medicine treated the whole you.  Naturopathy does this.  No drugs.

You must understand that OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is what controls are health and life expectancy.  You have to control your IMMUNE SYSTEM…

Hopelessness and negativity can do as much to undermine your health as anything else.  You and you alone control what goes into your mouth.  You control your LIFE.

"Though no one can go back and make a new start… Anyone can start over and make a new ending".   Carl Bard

Take this to heart.  Here are 5 steps to help you modify your condition.

1.  As you lie in bed at night, very quickly re-live the events of the day.  If you expressed any anger, bitterness, ill will, hatred or other negative feelings (either verbally or in your thoughts) you need to re see the situation in your mind and picture handling the situation differently.  Practice handling situations in a positive manner.

2.  Work on forgiveness towards yourself and others. Learn from your mistakes.  You are who you are today due to what has happened to you in the past.  You can take control of how you want to be.

3.  Take time everyday to give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life.

(Our family has a great tradition.  Whenever we say goodbye to each other, in person or on the telephone we add, Love you bye.  We always say it and if leaving notes we add it.  It is a tremendous way to bond.)

4.  Learn how to relax by using biofeedback. Start by lying down on your bed begin from the tips of your toes to your head relax each part of you one by one.  It will take some time to get the hang of it but it works.

5.  Use visualization.  I have mentioned this many times.  I learned it from Tony Robbins.  Find a quiet place and sit down.  Now visualize what it is you want.  Be specific.  When you have the picture in your mind of that particular thing, make it into color and then make it go way out in front of you. It gets brighter and brighter.  At that moment touch yourself on a place that is easy to reach and stop the vision.

Now every time you have a bad thought or an angry one you can touch that spot and get that vision.

Is it easy? No.  Is it worth while to learn to do this? Yes.

Here is how I used it.  I was in agony with arthritis for 43 years before finding a way to stop it.

When I was at my worst my hands were so swollen I could not hold things tight.  Did not want to knock on a door or hold hands.  My hands were hot.

So after getting rid of my arthritis, my knuckles were normal and did not hurt and were not hot.  I was so proud of them.  In learning this technique my anchor spot was my knuckles and my vision was of a happy place where I felt safe and loved.

Every time, even today, when I touch my knuckles I automatically smile.  It happens every time.  It is hard to be sad or miserable or cruel when smiling.

Try it you will love it.

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