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The Key To Happiness is Exercise

A good exercise program is not only one of the prime keys to great health but is absolutely essential to it.  And true happiness can only be born of a condition of health.

If you doubt this just look around to the people you know and love.

Brisk exercise can stimulate the production of the body's hormone, noradrenaline, which gives a feeling of high spirits and well being.  This hormone is also called norephinephrine.

This hormone is said to be "the chemical key to our happiness."

It is further said that 10 minutes of exercise will double the body's level of this hormone, destroying depression - and the effect is long lasting.

A sense of euphoria proceeds from a healthy body.  I also suggest that the general cleansing, purification and exercise can account for such a heightened sense of well being.

Exercise is just one part of your wellness life.  You must add other things. Which we go into in other articles in this newsletter at different times.

A little consideration of the muscles of the body and their importance to the functions of life will make clear the vital importance of daily exercise.

It is by muscles that we move and work.  It is by means of muscles that we do all the things we do.  Muscular tissue is one of the most amazing tissues of the body, second only to that of the brain and nerves.

Muscles enable us to do all the activities of our daily living.  It is the muscle that pumps blood through the body, day and night, beginning the work before birth and ceasing only at death.

It is the muscle that determines the size of the arterial channels through which the blood flows, so that they direct more blood or less blood to a part, depending on the need.

It is muscle that expands and contracts the chest, thus making it possible to breathe.

It is my muscular action that we chew and swallow our food and it is muscular action that moves the food along in the digestive tract.

It is the muscle that expels the excretions of the body.  It is by muscles that we smile or frown, that we move our eyes in seeing.

I did not realize all that!  Did you?

More than 1/3 of the total body protein is found in the muscles.  Muscles are servants of the brain and a brain without muscles to do its bidding would be powerless.

The muscular tissue of the normal body constitutes more than half of its bulk.  With muscles constituting so predominant a part of the human body and performing so many and such vital roles in human life, it should not surprise us that that human happiness and efficiency depend largely upon the health and welfare of the muscular system.

A genuine physical culture is among the most important elements of any true educational system.

For only by regular and appropriate use of the muscles can these be kept in a condition of vigor and usefulness.

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