At India Herbs, you will find the highest quality natural medicine based upon 5,000 Year Old Ayurveda Medicine and formulated by a team of doctors with extensive clinical experience.

All herbal remedies are produced in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Pharmaceutical facility and meet FDA requirements.

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John Gallagher, L.Ac., CCH is a Community Centered Herbalist. He is also a licensed five element acupuncturist with Cascade Acupuncture in Redmond, WA. Since 1991, he has worked at Wilderness Awareness School, where he teaches herbal studies with the Residential Program.

John also helped create the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, a home study program that has reached thousands worldwide. John has spent over 17 years mentoring people in reconnecting with nature.

In early 2004, John combined his knowledge of how to learn herbal medicine along with his expertise in distance learning to create The Herbal Medicine Making Kit. John also did the layout design for Wildcraft!, an Herbal Adventure Game.

Kimberly Gallagher, M.Ed., CCH is the creator of Wildcraft!, and has also been using herbal remedies for years. She also trained at RavenCroft Garden and brings herbal nourishment daily to our family's diet.

Kimberly is also a certified teacher and has extensive training in non-violent communication and conflict resolution. She homeschools Rowan and Hailey. Her Masters in Education is from Antioch University in Seattle.

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John, Kimberly, Rowan and Hailey

Learn about the Gallagher Family, The Herbal Medicine Making Kit, Wildcraft - the Herbal Adventure Game and much more.... 

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The Herbal Medicine Making Kit

The kit includes everything you need to make your own herbal tinctures and salves so you can learn how to create your own herbal remedies. It is the first step to taking your every day health care into your own hands.

The Herbal Medicine Making Kit is the only one of its kind. You will build confidence in your herbal knowledge and feel safe using them.

You will start to build your own home herbal pharmacy.

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Meet the Gallagher Family

We are the Gallagher family: John, Kimberly, Rowan and Hailey. We live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Much of what we recommend on this site are remedies and recipes we use ourselves. We believe it is so important in this day and age for families to be in control of their day-to-day healthcare. We want to spread knowledge that will help people stay healthy and empower them with skills to treat common illnesses naturally.

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