Releasing Emotional Toxins

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Releasing Emotional Toxins
By Deepak Chopra, MD

There are at least 7 steps to Releasing Emotional Toxins

  1. The first step is take responsibility for your emotions.  So, if you think someone else is causing your Emotional Toxicity, then you have to wait for them to change which mean you could be waiting the rest of your life.

  1. The second thing is to witness the emotions in your body.  Think of an experience you had, an interaction with some body that was uncomfortable.  The more you feel the sensation the more you get in touch with the emotion.

  1. The third thing is to define it.  Is it anger, is it fear?

  1. The fourth thing is to express it.  Write down what happens.

  1. After you have expressed it then share it with a loved one.

  1. Then do a ritual to release it. Burn it, throw it to the wind.

  1. Then once you've released it then do something to bring that to a closure.  Go out and celebrate.

That's how you release Toxic Emotions

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